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Winter Hair Care Tips from Your Leading Beauty School in Ontario

A woman with well cared for hair in the Winter

Winter can take a serious toll on your hair, as the cold air sucks the moisture right out, leaving it dry, brittle and vulnerable to split ends. This could be the reason why you are experiencing dry and frizzy hair. But the good news is you can take a proactive approach to protect your locks from seasonal damage.

Canadian Beauty College, your local beauty school in Ontario, shares some effective hair care tips to help you keep your hair shiny, moisturized and lush during the cold winter season.

  •  Take care of your scalp. The cold air can dry out your scalp and create embarrassing flakes in your hair and on your clothing. A dry scalp can also be itchy and cause ongoing discomfort. Treating flaky skin with dandruff medication can aggravate the dryness and make matters worse. Massaging natural oils like olive oil or coconut oil into your scalp can restore moisture and prevent flaking. Once you have massaged the oil into your scalp, let it sit for 20 minutes before washing your hair. Just after one treatment, you should notice a significant difference in your flakes. You can repeat this procedure on a weekly basis to keep your scalp healthy and moisturized.
  • Trim your hair on a regular basis. Because your hair is typically more prone to split ends and breakage in the winter, it is a good idea to cut down the damage by trimming your ends every six to eight weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows. This is an effective way to prevent your hair from splitting and breakage.
  • Don’t over-wash your hair. Washing your hair too frequently can dry it out and cause it to overproduce oils, which will then create a difficult cycle for your hair. Also, dampness and cold weather can lead to brittle and dry hair that is susceptible to breakage. Washing your hair once or twice a week, and blow drying it before you leave your home can help reduce your chances of split ends and help keep your hair moisturized with natural oils.
  • Deep condition your hair. Deep conditioning once a week can provide intense moisture and repair your hair. Massage a deep conditioning treatment into your hair and let it sit for approximately 20 minutes. Apply it from the root to tip to protect and moisturize all of the hair.
  • Wear silk scarves in the winter. If you often wear toques during the winter, you may notice that your hair is prone to static and breakage. Wrapping your hair with a silk scarf before putting on your toque can help prevent hair splitting and static. They can also be used at night to protect your hair as you sleep.

Canadian Beauty College, a leading beauty school in Ontario, offers a number of programs that are designed to help you learn everything there is to know about hair care and hairstyling services.

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