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Trust the Pros at Canadian Beauty College with Laser Hair Removal Training

Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to switch out your wardrobe! It also means keeping up with hair removal so you can wear that cute little white dress you have been waiting to put on or that fabulous A-line skirt you have had your eye on. Hair removal is one of those tasks that you may not enjoy doing, but it just needs to be done. Luckily, professional estheticians have the laser hair removal training to safely and effectively remove body hair so you can spend more time enjoying the warm weather and less time worrying about skin preparation.

Common Laser Hair Removal Mistakes to Avoid

If you are fed up with shaving or waxing and looking for a hair removal alternative, consider laser hair removal by a trained and certified esthetician. This procedure involves using high energy light beams of specific wavelengths through a laser, targeting the hair root and damaging the follicle to prevent growth. However, before taking this route, it’s important to review the following common laser hair removal misconceptions to ensure you are fully informed:

  • Believing it is permanent for all. Everyone’s hair follicles are different. Some are more stubborn than others and may never respond to laser treatment while others do not grow back at all just after a few sessions. It is, however, more realistic to expect a significant reduction in hair growth over time. For many individuals, it does turn out to be a permanent solution, but it’s best to be aware that it may not be that way for you.
  • Believing all hair responds the same way to laser treatment. Whether or not the treatment is successful depends on the melanin pigment in your hair follicles. Those with darker and thicker hair may see better results, as the follicles are able to absorb more energy from the laser.
  • Believing there will be no skin sensitivity. Even though the chances are slim, there is still the slightest possibility of skin damage or minimal scarring during treatment. It’s important to avoid tanning when receiving treatment to reduce the risk of burns and irritation.
  • Believing it is painless. Everyone’s pain threshold is different. For some, it may feel like they are being pinched during treatment. It is likely you may feel slight discomfort during the first session as there is a higher density of hair growth.
  • Believing laser hair removal can be done by anyone. Always trust a professional esthetician with laser hair removal training. He or she will have the skills required to effectively provide treatment and take all necessary steps to ensure it is done safely and accurately. For example, a professional will utilize the right laser to target the affected areas, use a topical anaesthetic or numbing cream in sensitive spots and provide you with proper eyewear to keep your eyes protected during treatment.

Learn More About Laser Hair Removal Training

Canadian Beauty College, a leading esthetician school in Ontario, is shaping the world of personal care and beauty through its advanced training programs and technologies. All of our programs and procedures are designed to provide our trainees with the best support to ensure they excel in their career and do it with confidence.

If you enjoy helping people look and feel their best or you are interested in laser hair removal training to comfortably and safely practice the treatment on yourself, give us a call at 1-866-720-4920. You can also request information online about our Esthetics or Makeup programs.

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