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Trend alert: Winter hairstyles

When you choose to attend beauty school in Ontario, you won’t just be learning the essential skills you’ll need for a career in style; you’ll also learn how to create the latest trends. We at Canadian Beauty College are proud of our hairdressing schools in Mississauga, Newmarket, Toronto, and beyond. That’s why we like to keep all the future fashion professionals in our beauty colleges informed about what’s hot this winter.

For women

2017 hairstyles for women have all been about getting creative with colour and winter will be no different. 

  • Platinum blonde

Whether it’s a softer, surfer streaked blonde or a bolder, totally blonde, pixie-cut statement, many fashion-forward stars have been choosing to dye their hair blonde. You can expect everyone else to pick up on the trend. 

  • Natural colour

For those not wanting to go blonde, many stars are also starting to embrace their natural hair colour. If you want to get back to basics, a loose, curly or wavy hairstyle that shows off your own colour is getting more and more popular. 

  • Creative ombré

The ombré isn’t just about blond tips anymore. Whether you’d like to have shades of a wild pink or just blend your natural black hair into a chocolate brown, an ombré can add interest to any look. 

For men

2017 is all about taking classic, masculine looks and giving them a modern interpretation.

  • Fade

Although beards are back in style, that doesn’t mean men can’t have a clean, modern look. Fades work for almost everyone and can be done with long or short hair.

  • Man bun

It looks like the man bun is here to stay. This look can be worn in the back or on higher, as a top knot. It works best with wavy or curly hair but can be modified to fit any style.

  • Pompadour

This look is centuries old but was brought into the modern era by the King himself, Elvis Presley. Over the years, beauticians have created so many variations to this look that it can look either retro or modern depending on how you style it.

If you’d like do not only follow the latest trends but work with them in order to express your own creative talent, you should visit beauty colleges near you. At Canadian Beauty College, we offer highly recognized hairdressing school opportunities. Contact us today to find out more about what you can achieve in beauty school in Ontario, with campuses in Toronto, Newmarket, Mississauga, and more.

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