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How to Take Care of Your Naturally Curly Hair

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Looking after naturally curly hair often feels like having a second full-time job. It’s dry. It gets tangled. And oh, did we mention the frizz factor? If you need some help in keeping your curls looking smooth, bouncy and well-nourished, try these hair care tricks from Canadian Beauty College, your local cosmetology experts.


Choose your shampoo carefully

You need a shampoo that’s designed to nourish your hair and won’t increase its natural dryness. The trick is to stay away from shampoos with sulfates and alcohols in them and opt instead for a mild product with plenty of rejuvenating oils that’s designed for curly hair.


Follow a pre-shampoo regimen

If you have naturally curly hair, you know that getting enough moisture into your locks is often a struggle. To help protect your hair, we suggest following a pre-shampoo regimen.

Instead of hopping right into the shower, work a conditioner through your dry hair to moisturize it and remove any knots. Then, leave in the product for 10 to 20 minutes to allow it to absorb.

Now, you’re ready to shampoo your hair—and we promise the detangling process post-wash will be a lot easier!


Never use a towel to dry your curls

Your everyday bath towel is too rough on delicate curls. In fact, drying your curls with a towel can increase frizziness. As an alterative, use a cotton T-shirt to squeeze out the water from your hair as gently as possible. Afterwards, apply a curl activating cream and let your curls dry naturally without touching or playing with them.


Learn how to use a diffuser properly

Let’s say it’s the middle of winter, or you’re heading out to an event, and you don’t have time to let your curls air dry. In these instances, a diffuser is a must-have. Blow-drying your hair without one is going to cause an explosion of frizz, which you obviously do not want.

That being said, using a diffuser properly is a learned skill. We recommend flipping your hair upside-down and diffusing at the roots to remove the access water. Medium heat and power is advised to avoid damaging your curls.


Looking for more cosmetology tips?

Read the Canadian Beauty College blog regularly for the latest trends in hair care, skincare and beauty advice. Or, if you’re looking to indulge in a cosmetology service—like a new hairstyle, a waxing treatment or medical aesthetics procedure—make an appointment at one of our acclaimed salon and medi-spa clinics in the Greater Toronto Area.

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