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How to Find the Right Hairstyle for Your Face Structure?

Woman with the perfect hairstyle for her face structure


If you are due for a hairstyle change, but not sure which cut to choose, keep in mind that different cuts are flattering for different face shapes. By figuring out what type of face shape you have, you will be able to determine what style works best for you and highlights certain aspects of your face.


Below you will find some guidance on the best hairstyle options depending on your face structure.


Round Face

This face type works best with soft layered hairstyles that fall around the cheeks, helping the face look narrower. Adding volume on top of the crown adds length to the face. Bangs should be cut on an angle, so they fall just around the cheeks. Layers that also fall around the neckline do a good job of softening plump neck lines.


Oval Shape

Those with an oval face shape can get away with almost any haircut. Just don’t go too short, especially if you have a classic oval shape. This can add weight to the face or make it appear longer.


Long Face

Wispy bangs and chin length cuts work well on a long face. Long hair can make the face look lengthier. However, if you do like long hair, keep the volume high by the ears and low on the crown. If you have a pointy chin, avoid curving your hair inwards. Rather, have it sweep up and away from the chin.



Soft curves work best with this face structure, as they strengthen the jawline. Adding volume at the top of the crown is a good way to detract from the square outline. Light, wispy bangs also do a good job of softening the features. Stay away from short cuts and hard lines, as they can enhance the squareness of the face.



If your face is narrow at the bottom and wide at the top, bangs can help hide the hairline.  Layered styles that curve outwards work well too, as they add volume around the bottom of the face, equalizing the face’s shape. However, if your face is narrow at the top and wide at the jaw, add volume to the top of the crown to balance out the chin.


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