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How to Get Fuller Looking Eyebrows

young woman undergoing eyebrow correction

Eyebrow trends have evolved significantly over the years. Today, it’s all about that full, natural-looking brow. You can achieve this look through several different means, including makeup, microblading and tattoo. Here’s some information on these options to help you decide which is the best fit for you.



With zero commitment and no pain, makeup is a great way to fill in your eyebrows. It can take a little practice to get the technique down, and some trial and error to find the products that work for you, but you’ll have it mastered before long. The thing about makeup is that you’ll have to apply it every day, so it’s relatively high maintenance. However, if you can make the time, the results will be more than worth it.



Microblading comes with a little bit of pain, as pigment is inserted into your skin with needles. It’s similar to a tattoo, except the process is done manually instead of with a machine and the needles don’t go as deep into the skin. This means that the pigments will completely fade away over time, making it less of a commitment than an eyebrow tattoo. This procedure is a bit expensive, but, if it fits your budget, it makes for a great low-maintenance option that’ll keep your brows looking great for a long time.


The decision to get a tattoo isn’t one that should be made lightly, but cosmetic tattooing can produce stunning results. Never again will you have to worry about what your eyebrows look like as you leave for work in a rush because you overslept. However, it’s a permanent decision, so it’s important that you get the work done by someone with extensive experience and good standing in the field of cosmetic tattoos. You might have to spend a bit of extra money on an already expensive procedure, but a cosmetic tattoo definitely isn’t something you should skimp on.


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