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Go Grey: 4 Ways to Make the Transition

gery hair

Are you ready to embrace your natural hair colour? If you want to ditch the dye for good and grow out your grey hair, here are four ways you can make the transition.


  1. Chop it off

Cutting off your locks is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of previously dyed hair, but it’s not for everyone. You’ll need to be comfortable wearing short for a while. If you opt for this method, it’s a good idea to let the roots grow out for two to three months beforehand. This will give your stylist some length to work with and help them create a flattering look.


  1. Get highlights

This method is ideal if you have lighter-coloured hair because it blends your natural grey roots with the dyed ends. Ask your colourist to add pale highlights throughout your whole head and finish off the look with an ashy-toned gloss to create a seamless look.


  1. Try lowlights

This is a great choice for people who have been colouring their hair with dark tones or who only have a little bit of grey hair. Whereas highlights are lighter than the rest of your hair, lowlights are darker. Your grey hair will shine between the lowlights, but the line of demarcation between your old and new colour will be camouflaged.


  1. Let it grow

This option can take up to two years to complete, depending on how long you wear your hair. Be sure to get your hair trimmed at least once every three months to keep it healthy. This will also speed up the re-growing process by removing the dyed ends.


Maintaining your grey hair

You’ll spend a lot less time on your hair once you embrace your natural colour, but you’ll still want to make an effort to keep it healthy and beautiful. Factors such as air pollution, smoking and the water you wash your hair with can make your strands look yellow and dull. To maintain a vibrant colour, wash your hair once a week with a violet shampoo.


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