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Get salon quality curls at home

Do you remember when Taylor Swift had long, enviable waves? Do you want to wear your hair in soft, wavy curls, but don’t know how to achieve it? You’re in luck, because with the right hair length and a one-inch curling iron, this style is easy to create at home. You can look like you went to the hairstylist without leaving home by following these tips from the experts at our hairdressing school in Vaughn.

Get the length

Short, wavy hair may be trendy right now, but long hair will always be in style. Extensions are a good way to fake having the long hair you dream of. If you’re waiting for your shoulder-length hair to grow out, this is a good option for you.

While there are many different types of extensions, the easiest to work with are clip-in extensions made from human hair. These extensions are more affordable than semi-permanent types that require you sit in your hairdresser’s chair for hours. Clip-ins can be removed after a night out, and clipped back in the next time you want long, luxurious hair.

Get the curls

Now that you’ve got the length, start curling your hair. Make sure your hair is clean and completely dry, and follow these steps for enviable curls.

  • Spray your hair with a heat-protecting product like Rusk Thermal Shine Spray to avoid damaging your hair.
  • Curl one-inch sections of hair, directing them away from your face. Remember that bigger sections of hair equal looser curls, so you can experiment until you find the style you like best.
  • Drop each curl from the iron, but don’t touch it until you’re done. Mist each curl with a bit of hairspray before moving on to the next curl.
  • Comb your hair gently with your fingers to loosen up any curls that are too tight.
  • One last shot of hairspray, and you’re ready for a night on the town!

If you’re not sure that you can do this on your own, book an appointment at one of our salons. Our students are extensively trained and can give you tips for doing your hair at home.

If you dream of entering the exciting world of hairdressing, and you’re looking for beauty schools in Bolton, one of the industry’s most trusted schools in Ontario is just a half hour away in Vaughn. Contact Canadian Beauty College today to learn more about our hairdressing programs.

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