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How to Determine a Good Skin Care Routine—Tips from the Leading Toronto Beauty School

You may not realize it, but your skin is your body’s biggest organ. As an important part of your overall appearance, maintaining healthy skin will make you appear younger and more attractive. Taking good care of your skin with a regular routine is the best way to achieve the skin you want. Starting a regular care routine will help keep your skin looking its best for years to come. At Canadian Beauty College, the leading esthetician school in Ontario, we can recommend simple and effective ways to follow a good skin care routine.

5 Steps to a Clear Skin Care Routine

Establishing an effective skin care routine with your favourite products will help improve the texture and appearance of your skin. Following the same steps over an extended period will even out skin and keep it moisturized. You will be able to see the full benefits of your products and get a better understanding of what products work for you.

  1. CleanserWater is not enough to cleanse your face. Remove dirt, oil and makeup with a gentle cleanser to truly cleanse the skin and help the other products in your skin care routine work their best.
  1. Toner Toners help ensure any last traces of makeup are removed and can nourish skin with hydrating, replenishing ingredients. They can help calm skin, reducing redness and moisturizing any dry patches. Oily skin in particular can benefit from the daily use of a toner.
  1. ExfoliantRemove dead skin cells with an exfoliant. Exfoliating daily or several times a week can help limit clogged pores, reveal fresh skin and minimize the appearance of deeper wrinkles. It will also help combat uneven skin tone and dullness, helping you put your best face forward. AHA products exfoliate the top layer of skin, and BHA formulas will also reach pores, making them best suited for battling blackheads.
  1. Special TreatmentsPeople have different skin and it is important to use products that are formulated for the specific challenges you have. If you suffer from breakouts, acne treatments with benzoyl peroxide can help reduce redness and eliminate bacteria. If you have sunspots or discoloration, a skin lightener may be an appropriate addition to your routine to help reduce hyper-pigmentation. If aging skin and wrinkles are a concern, using an antioxidant-rich serum can help protect your skin from damage and increase collagen production, helping soften the appearance of wrinkles.
  1. MoisturizerNo matter what your skin type, moisturizing is an essential part of maintaining a healthy, glowing skin. There are varieties that can help hydrate skin, reduce oil, soothe sensitive skin or treat other concerns. It may be appropriate to use different products for day and night, or switch to a different formula depending on the climate you live in and the season. Find a formula that works for you, preferably including SPF and do not skip this key step.

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