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How to Create the Perfect Smokey Eye Look?

A Woman applying make up to create the perfect Smokey Eye Look in Toronto

Are you in love with the dramatic, smokey eye look but unfamiliar with the technique? Knowing how to properly utilize your eyeshadow colours will help you perfect the sultry eye for that special occasion or evening out. Read on to learn some tips from one of Toronto’s top cosmetology colleges on how to nail the most sought-after and elusive smokey eye look.


  • Pick your colors. You can select any colour for a smoky eye look, but just be sure to have at least three different shades of the hue to complete the look. Common colours include black, grey, bronze or brown. If you have green eyes, a grey and plum colour can make your eyes pop. For blue eyes, gold or bronze work particularly well while shades of navy and grey look fantastic with brown eyes. Whatever colour you opt for, be sure to have a light, creamy colour, a medium base, and a dark smoky colour.


  • The perfect smokey eye requires the right supplies. Loose powders are great for blending, which is essential for this technique. Pressed powders and cream shadows work as well, but loose powders are easier to work with and will provide you with a better finished look. Black eyeliner is also great for accentuating the eyes. If you want a smooth finish, choose a cream or liquid eyeliner. If you want a softer blended finish, use a pencil eyeliner. Good quality makeup brushes, like a domed eyeshadow brush with a rounded top can make a big difference. Don’t forget to prepare your eyelids with concealer and primer using the appropriate brush before applying the smokey eye. It’s also a good idea to have with you on hand, a large fluffy brush, makeup remover and q-tips for any repairs.


  • Begin applying your colours. Using a brush or sponge, apply your light shade to the upper lids, lash to brow, and below the lower lashes as well. Next, cover the entire eyelid with your base colour, which should be lighter than your smokey colour. Then apply the eyeliner in a thick, dark line above your upper lash line. You will want to smudge the edge of the line towards the crease to remove any obvious line. Apply eyeliner to your bottom lash line as well and gently smudge it, giving it the smokey look. Next, apply your dark colour by starting at your lash line and blending upward with your base colour. The key is to completely blend the eyeliner into the eyeshadow to create a “V” shape. Be sure to also blend the eye shadow along the lower lash line. Your finished look should have a gradient blend from dark to light. Clean around the eye with a cotton swab once you have completed the smokey eye and then apply your foundation to avoid any unwanted smudges.


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