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Choosing a Career in Special Effects Makeup

There are a lot of options for makeup artists today. From makeovers, to parties and special events, there is no shortage of options for creative makeup artists in every city. Often, makeup artists are credited with helping people look their most beautiful, but did you ever consider the makeup artists who may be responsible for making them look their worst? A career in special effects makeup means exciting challenges and unique opportunities. Creating realistic effects for horror films or creating imaginative textures for sci-fi character’s skin are just some of the ways special effects makeup artists help television and film come to life.

The Role of a Special Effects Makeup Artist

Makeup artists who work in special effects need training in cosmetology and a strong knowledge of makeup materials. Understanding proper application techniques and how certain products work allows them to translate the look in their mind onto actors. Additional education on materials like latex, fake blood, rubber and prosthetics is also necessary to create a range of looks. Patience is also a crucial skill for special effects makeup artists, as application of these looks can take hours to complete. Good communication helps make the process enjoyable for the artist and the actors.

The main role of special effects makeup artists is to make the actors look as realistic as possible. Jobs can range from full-body makeup, changing the species of the actor, or smaller feats like aging the person 10 years or giving them a black eye. These makeup artists can expect long hours on set and lots of communication with the cast and crew.

It takes a great actor and a great makeup artist to bring certain characters to life. Some of our favourite characters have been created with special effects makeup and a lot of talent. Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button, hundreds of horrific zombies each week on The Walking Dead, and a blue Jennifer Lawrence as X-Men’s Mystique come to mind.

Interested in Becoming a Special Effects Makeup Artist?

If you would like a career where you can help transform people into characters and be part of creating film or television shows, consider cosmetology courses in Toronto from the Canadian Beauty College. Check out our gallery for some of the looks our students have created and start using your imagination.

Learn more about our makeup school in Toronto online or visit us for an open house every second Saturday of each month. For more information, call us at 866-720-4920.

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