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Best New Skincare Products for Winter 2020

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From cotton candy pink to icy blue, bright hair colours are all the rage. While this trend isn’t at risk of fading anytime soon, your hair colour could be if you don’t know how to maintain it. To learn the secrets of caring for dyed hair, here are some tips from the Canadian Beauty College, your local cosmetology experts.


Invest in high-quality shampoo and conditioner

Before colouring your hair, drugstore shampoo and conditioner might have been your go-to products. However, these items typically contain sodium laureth sulfate, which is harsh on hair, stripping it of both its natural oils and freshly dyed colour.


So, before washing your new hair, you need to go shopping for high-quality, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Ask your hair stylist if they have any recommendations.


Delay shampooing for three days

To best preserve your new colour, we recommend waiting a full 72 hours before washing your hair. This is because when hair is first dyed, the cuticle layer opens up, allowing the colour to permeate the hair shaft. This cuticle layer then takes about three days to close up again, meaning the dye is vulnerable to washing out if you shampoo and rinse your hair too soon.


Never wash your coloured hair with hot water

Who doesn’t enjoy a hot shower to start the day? Well, your brightly coloured hair, that’s who. Indeed, hot water opens up your hair cuticles, allowing more of the dye to simply wash down the drain.


To prevent this, we suggest shampooing and conditioning your hair with warm water, thus allowing the products to work while lowering the risk of colour fade. Then, rinse with cold water to seal in your hair colour.


Make dry shampoo your new BFF

Washing brightly coloured hair every day is a big no-no. After all, every time you shampoo, you’re loosening the dye from your locks. Most hair colourists will tell you to only wash your hair two or three times a week.


In between washes, using dry shampoo can keep your hair looking clean, voluminous and grease-free. It’s truly the secret weapon in the fight against colour loss. But make sure that you pick a dry shampoo that’s safe for coloured hair!


Need more cosmetology tips in your life?

For the latest articles on skincare, hair care and much more, keep reading our blog. But if you’re looking to further develop your passion for cosmetology, Canadian Beauty College offers an array of exceptional programs to current and future hairstylists, makeup artists and medical aesthetics specialists. Reach out to us today to find out more.

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