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6 Haircare Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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Have you ever wondered why your hair doesn’t look as good when you do it at home as it does when you have it professionally styled? You may be making one of these six common haircare mistakes.


  1. Shampooing too often. Your hair doesn’t need to be washed every day. In fact, frequent shampooing can strip your scalp of its natural oils, making your hair dry. Try to wash every two or three days instead. Use a dry shampoo on non-wash days if you feel like you need a refresh.


  1. Not conditioning properly. Conditioner is an absolute must for keeping your hair hydrated and healthy. Squeeze out excess water before conditioning, use the right amount for your hair’s length (a dollop about the size of a quarter for short hair and about the size of a toonie for long or thick hair) and apply it to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, avoiding the roots.


  1. Using the wrong towel. When they get out of the shower, most people rub their hair with an ordinary bath towel to dry it. Unfortunately, the loops on a regular terrycloth towel act like Velcro on the hair, making it frizzy. Instead, use a cotton t-shirt or a microfibre towel to gently squeeze water out of the hair.


  1. Not protecting your hair. If you use hot tools to style your hair, it’s imperative that you use a heat protector on your hair. This provides a barrier between the hair and the heat, making it less prone to damage.


  1. Using styling tools on the hottest setting. The highest heat settings on your blow dryer, flat iron or other styling tool can burn and break your hair if you’re not careful. Instead, use the lowest setting to avoid damaging your hair.


  1. Not getting regular trims. While the idea that trimming your hair will make it grow longer is a myth, it’s still important. If you go too long without a trim, the ends may become so damaged that you need to cut off more hair than you want in order to make it healthy again.


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