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5 Ways to Emphasize Your Eyelashes


If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the eyelashes are the curtains. Like the proper window dressing calls attention to the view outside, long and lush eyelashes emphasize the eyes. Here are five ways to make your eyelashes stand out.


  1. Use makeup

The right combination of mascara and eyeliner is a tried and true method of emphasizing lashes. Choose a liner the same colour as your mascara and apply it as close to the lash line as possible. You can keep the line thin for a more subtle look or choose to do a dramatic cat eye. Follow this with a coat or two of lengthening or thickening mascara. For extra drama, use an eyelash curler before applying makeup.


  1. Apply false eyelashes

Perfect for a night on the town or a special event, false eyelashes are strips of tiny hairs that are glued to your lash line. They can be removed at the end of the night with a gentle tug. A makeup artist can apply them for you if you’re worried about putting them on straight.


  1. Tint them

Women with pale eyelashes often feel they need to wear mascara at all times to define their eyes. If you have this issue, eyelash tinting is a great — and safe — way to make them stand out without all the work. Lash tinting is a quick and simple process that lasts for up to four weeks.


  1. Get a keratin lash lift

If you struggle with straight eyelashes that just won’t hold a curl no matter how hard you try, this is the process for you. Lifting your lashes is a process similar to perming your hair. A product is applied to break the bonds of each eyelash and remakes it with a bend. The process is safe and is often combined with tinting.


  1. Get eyelash extensions

If you wish you could permanently look like you’re wearing your false eyelashes, lash extensions might be right for you. False lashes are glued individually to your real eyelashes, allowing the technician to create a look that’s as subtle or bold as you’d like.


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