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5 Things you need to know about hair removal

At Canadian Beauty College, we’re committed to promoting safe and professional hair removal techniques and treatments. Professional hair removal, done by an expert with medical aesthetic training from a beauty school in Toronto, Ontario won’t leave you with stubble and ingrown hairs, like shaving would. It will leave your skin smooth for longer than any conventional method. Here are five things you should know about hair removal before scheduling one for yourself:

  1. Laser hair removal can take up to two weeks to take effect

Both electrolysis and laser hair removal go straight to the follicle, or the root, of your hair to get rid of it. Because it doesn’t just remove the hair itself, it may take a few days or even a couple of weeks after the treatment for it to fully eliminate the root of the issue. 

  1. It does cause a little irritation

Just as it doesn’t work immediately, it also isn’t entirely painless. Although it isn’t severe at all, these procedures are a little tough on your skin. You can expect some irritation after a visit. 

  1. Qualified and experienced estheticians matter

Be sure to do a background check on any clinic or particular esthetician you get a hair removal procedure from. It’s safest to only get medical procedures done by experts who are properly qualified by a beauty school in Ontario. 

  1. Shave before your appointment

For the procedure to work best, you should shave the area of skin that will be undergoing the procedure first. Be sure not to wax it, however, as that might affect the follicle that the laser is attempting to eliminate. Similarly, don’t shave for at least a few days after your procedure. You need to give your skin a little time to recover. 

  1. Stay away from the sun, before and after your appointment

Skin colour can help or prevent some kinds of laser removal treatment from working. If your colour changes from tanning, it might affect your treatment. You should consult your laser hair removal specialist before undergoing any treatment to find out which procedure will work best for your skin.

At Canadian Beauty College, we offer many options for beauty, hairdressing, or medical aesthetic training in Toronto, Durham, Newmarket, Ontario, , and beyond. If you’ve ever wondered what esthetician courses are like, make an appointment to tour one of our cosmetology colleges in Toronto, Newmarket or Durham. Find out how we can help you land your dream career.

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