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4 Tips for Gorgeous Summer Nails

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Gardening, swimming and other summer activities can take a toll on your nails. That’s why proper nail care is particularly important at this time of year. Here are four tips to help keep yours healthy and beautiful all season long.


  1. Keep your cuticles

Many people think they need to remove their cuticles to have perfectly manicured nails. However, this layer of skin that grows at the base of your nails helps protect against bacteria that could cause a nasty infection. Rather than cut your cuticles, use a cuticle pusher to gently move the skin out of the way.


  1. Pamper your nails

Massage a high-quality cuticle oil into your nails on a daily basis to keep them supple and strong. If your nails are prone to cracks, splits and tears, consider applying a nail strengthener packed with keratin to increase their durability.


  1. Protect your manicure

Your nails can be damaged by the sun as well, so don’t forget your fingers and toes when you apply sunscreen before going outside. It’s also recommended to use a topcoat with UV protection during the summer to ensure the sun doesn’t fade your nail polish or give it a yellow tinge.


  1. Wear gloves as needed

Gardening is a rewarding and relaxing summer hobby, but it can easily damage your nails and potentially expose them to fungus. Be sure to wear gloves and closed shoes when you dig in the dirt. In addition to keeping your nails and skin healthy, this protection will help preserve your manicure and pedicure.


Top colours for summer

Reds, pinks and nudes are suitable year-round, but summer is an ideal time to experiment with bolder tones. For a fun twist on a classic look, swap your red nail polish with a coral or fuchsia tone that’ll look great with everything. Bright blue, yellow and orange are also playful summer options.


If bright colours aren’t your style, a metallic polish like gold, copper or silver can be the perfect blend of striking and neutral.


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