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3 Ways medical aesthetics training leads to a long-term career

Taking esthetician courses at a beauty school in Durham or Toronto is a great way to get into the growing field of medical aesthetics. This field combines both aesthetic and cosmetic technique procedures that ensure your skin care results are achieved. In fact, the Medi spa beauty industry is expanding and excepted to double in revenues in the next 10 years. Because these ground breaking medical aesthetics techniques.

Because these ground-breaking medical aesthetics techniques are partially invasive, they require the training offered by an esthetician school. Toronto, Newmarket, Durham, and other cities in Ontario have laws in place that require certification to deliver these advanced services. Therefor education is key to break into the industry. It’s a great investment of your time; however, because once you’ve gained the essential training you need, you’ll be able to find work wherever you go in Canada. We at Canadian Beauty College would like to tell about these three ways that medical aesthetics training from an esthetician school in Toronto, Newmarket or Durham can help you find a long-term career:

  1. Training

Training for a long-term career means more than sitting in a classroom. To gain all the skills you need requires practice, training from experts in their field and a supportive learning environment. At beauty colleges you gain the latest technical skills you need as well as exposure to practicum place professionalism, along with the protocols of health safety practises.  

  1. Industry contacts

Beauty schools often have contacts within the industries that they train students in. Teachers have extensive practical and theoretical experience within their fields and many industry relationships. The industry contacts your beauty school has can lead to important internships and networking opportunities that really jump-start your career.

  1. Certification

Another key point about modern medical aesthetics training at a Toronto beauty school is that it prepares you to be certified in a specialized field. Such procedures as skin resurfacing, chemical peels, laser hair removal and photo rejuvenation are highly technical and require advanced training and practical experience to do safely. As a highly trained and certified specialist, you’ll have an advantage on the job market.

At Canadian Beauty College, we’re focused on providing current quality based training that will help our students not only get a job, but a long-term career in the growing field of medical aesthetics. Contact us today to find out more about how you can benefit from esthetician courses at any one of our campuses in Durham,Newmarket, Toronto, and beyond.

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